Advertising focus of the time Part 3

It is said that if there was no Super Cub hit, there was no 1959 Isle of Man race entry or 64 F1 entry. When there was no Internet, various advertisements still had been made.
※Please take a look at the advertisements.

"Strong points of 4 cycle!"

Advertising focus of the time Part 3

Honda's 4-cycle engine can be used with confidence anywhere without having to worry about hot and cold as the definitive version of the world in terms of durability and fuel consumption. At that time, it was still an era of two strikes. Fuel efficiency of 4 strikes has been pushed forward.

"The rush of goodbye"

Advertising focus of the time Part 3

With a smart bike leading the time, transport is no longer a problem ... With Honda's Super Cub, transport time is shortened, people can work without feeling tired and start feeling like driving in the suburbs on holidays ...... The worries of office staff about hurried transport are only a matter of the past and have been resolved at the present.

“Today's topic is about CUB”

Advertising focus of the time Part 3

Honda's Cub, which can be easily carried on a ferry, is always popular in the village. The speed that can be used in a day away to the town far away from the river, and a bike that can run 90 kilometers with 1 liter of gasoline. It's a compact car ... I put a Cub on a small ferry with a bicycle!

"Hiking and drive"
Advertising focus of the time Part 3

When the weather become better, let's go to the mountain. The hikers at the moment speed is Honda's Super Cub. It's easy to go out, and you can go anywhere, with a light rhythm and speed without riding a bad road. It's perfect for visiting autumn in the depths of Mt. Miyama, and going home is twice as much fun as driving and recreating... A cub that runs through the wild grassy roadmake we feel like a trail!